Vegetable Egg Roll   6

roasted cabbage, carrot, glass noodles, celery, plum sauce

Larb Chicken Wrap   8

chicken breast, mint, red onion, rice powder, fish sauce-lime vinaigrette, lettuce cup

Chicken or Beef Sa-Tay   8

choice of grilled marinated chicken or beef skewers, peanut sauce, cucumber relish

Issara Chicken Wing   9

marinated chicken wing, house special chili sauce, crispy basil

Crispy Calamari   8

lightly fried calamari coated in spiced flour, plum sauce

Bangkok Cup   8

minced chicken and potato salad, crispy cracker cup, cucumber relish

Fried Tofu   6

tofu, peanut plum sauce

Mee Krob   8

crispy noodle, chicken, shirmp, tofu, bean sporout, citrus tamarind sauce

Shrimp Roll   8

fried spiced shrimp wrapped in thin rice paper, plum sauce

Hor Mok   3.5 each or 3 for $9

steamed fish cake seasoned with red curry, topped with shrimp and kaffir lime leaves

Tod Mun   8

Fried Thai fish cake, sweet and sour sauce with fresh cucumber and crushed peanuts

Mixed Appetizer   11

egg rolls, chicken sa-tay skewers, shrimp rolls, Bangkok cups

  • Bangkok Cups
  • Larb Chicken Wrap
  • Issara Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Satay
  • Shrimp Chips
  • Tom Kha Kai
  • Pad Thai Shrimp
  • Yellow Curry Chicken
  • Panang Beef
  • Chilis
  • Papaya Salad
  • Rotisserie Chicken